Release 2.1

New Batch report:

  • We’re continuing to build on the capabilities to analyse production processes with the launch of another new report. This time called the Batch report, and can be found in the reporting section, together with the other types of reports in the Insight app. This report makes it possible to analyze machine data per batch. The report presents stacked bar graph per batch number. With the data from various machine sensors stacked.
  • One of the powerful things about the Batch report is that it enables analysis of different batches as they move through the different steps of a production process, even in real-time.
  • To establish the relationship between the machine data sensors and the relevant batch number sensor, an extra field has been added to the advanced panel of the sensor configuration page, in the Admin app.
  • Read more about the Batch report in Knowledge Base article.

Operations app improvement:

  • Discrete manual sensors are those used in the operations app, where the user can choose from pre-defined values. Often this is used by production line workers to choose the reason for a machine standstill. We have updated this sensor, so that the current (last submitted) value is displayed on the sensor tile in the Operations app. This gives user’s feedback, so that they know what has been the latest submitted value.


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