Release 2.0

We’re thrilled to kick off 2019 with a new product release: innius 2.0.

What’s new in the Insight app:

  • A NEW logistics data report. This powerful business tool allows production companies using ERP or MES production order data to combine this with realtime machine production data. This works by connecting the production order data to innius via an API; and defining the ERP/MES properties of the machine using the properties functionality in innius.  You can read more about the value this powerful feature brings in our blog post.

Improvements in the Insight app:

  • The benchmarking report has seen several UX and performance improvements, particularly to the filter options.

Improvements to the dashboards:

  • The dashboarding functionality has been rebranded as a NEW app, enhancing the user experience.
  • To transfer existing dashboards from the old app to the dashboards 2.0 app, follow the steps outlined in this Knowledge Base article.
  • The user experience when logging into the dashboards has been aligned to the other innius apps.
  • The way in which the relationship between companies and users is modelled, has been brought into line with the other innius apps. This allows more than one user per company to use the same dashboard.
  • It is possible now to authorize users as either viewers or admins. It’s also possible to setup dashboard authorization, to restrict access to dashboards, etc.

App navigation

  • We have a NEW app switcher. You’ll find this on the app bar, allowing simple switching between the different innius apps.


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