Release 1.15

Admin app:

  • In line with previous releases, we’re continuing to work towards a set of branded apps with their own defined functionality. As part of this the following functionality has been copied from the web app ‘innius Insight’ to the web app ‘innius Admin’:
    • Machine list, which is now in a tile rather than list format.
    • Machine map view
    • Machine profile page. A new feature, which provides a summary of all the machine related information and acts as a central navigation point for each machine.
    • KPI configuration
    • Location setting
    • Script editor
    • Sensor configuration
    • Documents and media function
  • Note that for now all these functions are still available in the web app Insight.


Insight Android app:

  • Parts & Specifications are disabled, due to reorganization of the functionallity. They'll be available again soon.
  • Bugs relating to notifications, their icons and status indicators have been fixed.
  • A bug where the machine name which was missing from some conversation headers, had been repaired.


Bug fixes Insight web app, including:

  • A bug preventing some documents from being downloaded has been fixed.
  • It’s no longer possible to create machines with the same name.


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