Release 1.13

We proudly present release 1.13 of innius, which includes:

Updated login technology

  • innius takes security seriously. So we’ve upgraded our login authentication by adopting the latest technology built by the highly respected Auth0.

Restructuring and rebranding of the web app

  • In line with the previous release, we’re continuing to work towards a set of branded apps with their own defined functionality. As part of this the web app has been renamed: ‘innius Insight’ and a new app has been launched: ‘innius Admin’.
  • In the coming releases, expect to see functionality used to create and define moved across from innius Insight to innius Admin. innius Insight will be used to view and analyze data.
  • The machine creation function has already been moved to innius Admin. And it kicks off with an enhanced way of doing this, called ‘Auto discovery’. By uploading a json or txt file, you can discover and create multiple sensors for a machine in one go.
  • So note that when clicking ‘Add machine’ in innius Insights, you’ll now be redirected to innius Admin.
  • Switching between the various apps is possible using the app switching option in the side menu.

innius Insight improvements

  • We’ve launched a new type of report: Downtime report. This shows a Pareto analysis of the different causes of machine downtime and identifying which are having the greatest impact.
  • A download page has been created to allow the Machine-side apps for eWon, OPC DA and OPC UA to be downloaded.
  • UX improvement to sensor tiles when value mapping is used.

Dashboard functionality improvements

  • An improved user interface.
  • The new dashboard layout engine allows for much easier movement and sizing of panels; as other panels now move out of the way in a very intuitive way. Panels are sized independently, so rows are no longer necessary to create layouts.
  • There’s dashboard folders to organize dashboards.
  • Permissions on folders and dashboards.
  • The ability to add non-innius users.

innius Insight for Android improvements

  • It is now possible to move the sensor and KPI graphs along to view historic data.
  • In message attachments, now display a file type icon.
  • Videos can now be added as attachments to messages.

innius Insight for Android bug fixed

  • Sensor icons now correspond with the sensor kind.


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