Release 1.12

 We proudly present release 1.12 of innius, which includes:

Web application

  • It’s now possible to choose scripts within the script editor, removing the need for a separate dialog screen. Additionally, the script editor interface has been improved to distinguish between the controls for the script itself and those for the script versions. This enhances the user experience and gives a clearer indication of whether a script is active or not, and which version it is using.
  • A number of dashboard bugs have been solved. One of these fixes means that it’s now possible to add users with only viewing rights.
  • A new report has been made available: Quality Analysis. This shows fault data and manual sensor data from the innius operations app in relation to production batches.
  • We've also made it possible to edit sensor names.

innius insight for Android

  • The mobile application has been renamed ‘innius insight for Android’. This new branding reflects innius’ longer term strategy for a number of apps, each with their own defined functionality.
  • Another improvement is that it is now possible to add attachments to messages.

innius operations - completely new app!

  • innius operations is a new web based application allowing the manual input of operational data. This has a huge significance when generating and monitoring KPIs, such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). It allows faults and errors to be registered on the shop floor, where quality is monitored manually. It also allows machine stoppages to be registered in cases where the stoppage would prevent a sensor data being recorded, such as during a machine power outage.
  • See operations.innius.com to access the Operations app.

Machine-side apps (OPC)

  • The software has been updated, part of which results in an improved user flow.

eWON integration

  • The eWON integration software has been improved and updated, making it even more stable.


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