Release 1.10

We proudly present release 1.10 of innius, which includes:

New functionality:

  • Possibility to create a 30-day trial account and demo machines (see innius.com)
  • Demo machines have been given an indicator to distinguish them from real machines.
  • Improved machine-side connectors, including machine & sensor heartbeat verification.
  • Full translations for messages & notifications created by the machine.
  • A new report is available to compare sensor data, visualized in histograms (see knowlegde base article).
  • New visualizations for sensor detail graphs. Now we have 3 options: line graph, bar graph & step graph (see knowlegd base article).
  • Sensor value mapping is now possible for enumerated sensor data (e.g. product code, recipe code). This is used in the sensor comparison report.


  • Several bug fixes


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