Release 1.11

We proudly present release 1.11 of innius, which includes:

New functionality:

  • Now possible to do sensor value forecasting. This includes notifications possibility based on forecasting rules. For the sensors with forecasting rules setup, it is possible to view the forecasting data in the detailed sensor graphs. See also the knowledge base articles here and here.
  • It is possible to delete persons from your account


  • Readability of all text in the web app
  • Redesigned sensor & KPI tiles
  • Improved usability of shift configuration
  • Improved setup of sensor rules at the sensor configuration page
  • All notifications in mobile app have icons now

Bug fixes:

  • Value mapping setup of sensor is fixed for multiple sensor creation
  • New messages appearing on the machine timeline again
  • Number of decimals displayed in the sensor tiles are rounded correctly


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