How to configure batches and recipes

Analysing machine data per production batch or recipe opens a new level of insight enabling business decisions to be better fine-tuned.

Within the innius Insight app, machine data for batches and recipes can be viewed in the Batch report and Batch details report.


Batch configuration

To be able to view these reports a batch sensor needs to be configured and links with other machine sensors established.

The batch sensor can be any type of sensor but needs to provide data as to which batch is running through the machine at that time. The sensor can be configured in the Admin app like other sensors, but the difference occurs in the Advanced panel with the following steps.



1. In the Advanced panel turn on the toggle switch ‘Sensor is a batch sensor’.

2. This opens a dialog where other machine sensors can be selected to establish a relationship with the batch sensor. These will be displayed in the Batch report. You must select at least one sensor for this to work.



3. You can go back and edit this sensors related to this batch sensor, by clicking on the more button.


Recipe configuration

Recipe sensors allow data presented as batches in the reports to be filtered based on the recipe.

Firstly, a recipe sensor must be configured. Like the batch sensor, the recipe sensor can be any sort of sensor, it just needs to provide data on which recipe is being used at that time.

4. Once a recipe sensor has been configured it can then be linked to the machine’s batch sensor. Open the batch sensor configuration and Once a sensor has been configured as a Batch sensor, then the selector appears allowing the recipe sensor to be selected. Select the recipe sensor and then save the sensor.

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