How to use machine properties

Machine properties can be used for multiple purposes. 

  1. To define different typical properties of a machine, for example serial ID, production line, machine type, etc.
  2. To be used in the OEE Benchmarking report (see 'Analysis reports'). In this case you can benchmark the OEE related data per property. For example a benchmark of the OEE data of machines with the same machine type property. Or a benchmark of the OEE of all machine with the same plant property, etc.
  3. To connect to external enterprise applications such as an ERP system. If you define the 'workcenter' property with the workcenter ID of the machine in your ERP system, you can send production and/or logistics data into innius and analyze the external data in combination with your real-time machine data.

The properties can be defined on a machine. This can be done in the innius Admin app by clicking on  the dot_icon.png (1) icon in the properies tile. Then click on the "Add property" (2) button. 




There are a couple of predefined properties. You can select a property from the property list and give the property a value.

It is also possible to create your own property. This can be done by typing the property name you wish in the property field (3) and giving it a value.






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