What is a connector

A connector is used to connect your physical machines to your defined machines in innius. A connector in innius can be used to connect multiple machines to innius. Basically you need one connector per Ewon Flexy modem. So every physical machine which is connected to that particular Ewon Flexy modem is connected to innius through the same connector. You can read more about the Ewon Flexy Connector (which is based on MQTT)

It is possible to add machines in innius to the connector after it has been created. This can be done in the Admin app, by clicking on the Connector name, on the machine overview page when it is grouped by "connectors" (1).



Then click on the connector name (2) and you can easily manage the connector. 



If you want to add a machine to the connector, click in the field "Select machine" (3) and select the desired machine from the list.

If you want to disconnect a machine from the connector click on the remove icon to the right of the machine (4).

You can download the BASIC script for this connector again by pressing on the "Download button" (5). For security reasons the certificate files can not be downloaded again. If you need new certificate files, you will need to make a new connector.


If you add a new machine to the connector, it will be picked up automatically, so nothing needs to be changed in the connector configuration itself.

If you add sensors to your machine in innius later on, you don't need to reconfigure the connector. The new sensors will be recognized by the existing connector and after a short period of time the data will come into innius automatically. If this doesn't happen fast enough for you, you can easily restart the connector by hand. See the specific Knowledge Base article for your connector type to see how.

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