How to connect a machine with the eWON Flexy Connector?

The eWON Flexy is a device created by eWON that allows for simplified connection of industrial machines to the internet. For innius we've created a component that publishes eWON tag values to innius.

Sensor Setup

First you will need a connection with the eWON itself. For this you will need the eBuddy program from eWON. This program will automatically detect any eWONs connected to the network. From eBuddy you can open a webpage for the Flexy, where you can create and view tags and reboot the Flexy when needed. Creating tags is done in the tag menu. After creating the tags for your setup you can check if the connection is working by viewing the tag values. If there is a red cross in the tag line it is not working.

Now you can create/edit the sensors in innius. The important thing here is that the sensor's physical_id in innius, must match the actual sensor's tag name in the Flexy.

The innius connector

After you've created your machine (click here to read how), the next step is to create the connector. This is done by following these steps:

  1. Go to the innius Admin app
  2. On the Home screen, click the button 'Add Connection'.
  3. Give the connector a clear name and click 'Next'. Remember that each connector should have a unique name.
  4. In the next step, Select connection method, Choose the option 'Connect using the eWON protocol'.
  5. The next step is to select the machines created in innius which are connected through the connector. You can select multiple machines if applicable.
  6. Now the connector is created, the next step is the download. Here you need to download the connector by clicking the download sign (in the red box):
  7. Extract the downloaded .zip file.
  8. Make the FTP-connection to the eWON Flexy device.
  9. Copy the files to the \usr folder on the eWON Flexy device, except the file 'program.bas'.
  10. Login to the front-end of the eWON Flexy device as described above and import the file 'program.bas' (contains the BASIC script) via BASIC IDE by clicking on the 'Import' button.
  11. Enable the BASIC script via BASIC IDE by clicking on the 'Script execution' toggle, to switch it to 'Running':

  12. Don't forget to turn the Autorun option on, otherwise the script will not autorun if the eWON is restarted:

  13. Check the lowest part of the screen to see if the script is executing.
  14. Check in the innius insight app that the machine/s status has changed to 'Connected' and that the sensor values are coming in.
  15. Congratulations! Your machines are connected to innius!
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