How to connect a machine with the eWON Flexy Connector?

The eWON Flexy is a device created by eWON that allows for simplified connection of industrial machines to the internet. The Flexy also includes a Java virtual machine (JVM), allowing customers to extend the functionality of the device as they see fit. For innius we've created a component that publishes eWON tag values to innius. This program comes in two versions: one for firmware versions below 12.2 and another for firmware versions 12.2 and higher (which is marked 12_2). If you have a Flexy 205 you will need the 12_2 version, otherwise a simple check is where the menu is on the eWON web page. If it is on the top it is below 12.2, if it is on the left it is 12.2 or higher.

Sensor Setup

First you are going to need a connection with the eWON itself. For this you will need the eBuddy program from eWON. This program will automatically detect any eWONs connected on the network. From eBuddy you can open the webpage of the Flexy, where you can create and view tags and reboot the Flexy when needed. Creating tags is done in the tag menu. After creating the tags for your setup you can check if the connection is working by viewing the tag values. If there is a red cross in the tag line it is not working.

Now you can create/edit the sensors in innius. The important thing here is that the physical_id of a sensor is the name of the tag in the Flexy whose value it should mirror. When all the sensors have been created you can export a configuration file from the sensor list page by clicking the export sensors button and then selecting Export eWON Flexy configuration.

The innius program

After logging into the innius web app you can download the java program for the eWON Flexy. Make sure you pick the version that is appropriate for the firmware version you have on your Flexy. This is a zip file with a jar file and a file called jvmrun. Now create a folder called innius and put both the jar and the configuration file you downloaded earlier into that folder. The next step is setting up an ftp connection to the Flexy. This can be done by typing ftp:// followed by the Flexy's IP address into the address bar in windows explorer (the program with which you can view the files on your computer) or by using an ftp program like FileZilla. Using this you can transfer the innius folder to the usr directory on the Flexy. Then put the jvmrun file next to the innius folder in usr directory and reboot the eWON. If all went well the JVM should now be running the innius connector program. This can be verified by checking the real-time logs on the Flexy's web page. Any tags that could not be found (due to spelling errors or incorrect configuration) can also be found there.

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