Does it make a difference if a conversation is started by the machine or by a person?

A machine can start a conversation just like a person. The differences are that for a machine-started conversation the following limitations apply:

  • It is always started by a state change notification.
  • State changes are caused by sensors. In other words, the machine will only start a conversation when one of its sensors reaches its threshold.
  • The reverse state change is by definition part of the same conversation. For example, if a temperature sensor reaches its cautionary threshold, this triggers the first message of a conversation. Once that sensor reaches its normal threshold, the accompanying message will be part of that same conversation.
  • One or more persons can add messages to a conversation that is started by a machine, but a machine will only add messages to a conversation it has started itself.

Other than the above there is no difference between conversations started by a machine or a person.

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