What is a conversation?

A conversation is a collection of messages that share the same subject. Multiple parties can take part in a conversation. They can be different users and/or the machine itself. Each party can add one or more messages to a conversation.

Possible subjects are:

  • The machine itself
  • Specific documents
  • Specific KPIs
  • Specific sensors

A conversation has a status Normal, Cautionary or Emergency. 


You can create, view, or react on a conversion by clicking on the conversion button (1) or by clicking on a conversion in the machine timeline (1).




This will open the Conversions page.




You can create a new conversion by clicking on the new conversion button (2). When you want to respond to an existing conversion you can click on the respond button (3).

When a new conversion is created or you give a response on an existing conversion, you can give it a priority status (4) and you can indicate whether a notification has to be send (5).

When the conversion or response to the conversion is ready you can send it with the send (6) button.

The conversion will appear in the machine timeline.



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