How to mute and unmute notifications

Muting means that you no longer will receive notifications for a specific subject. Muting is accessible via the submenu under the three dots that appear on the right top corner. Unmuting is accessible in the same way for any subjects that have first been muted. 

You can choose for how long you want to mute:

  • 1 hour
  • 8 hours
  • Always

You can also choose to still receive emergency notifications during the muted period.  

Muting and unmuting can be done at different levels:

  • For an individual sensor
  • For all sensors of a machine at once
  • For a machine as a whole. In this case you mute all of its sensors and all notifications for messages created by persons for this machine. 

A lower-level action overrules a higher-level action. For example, you can mute a machine as a whole, but choose to unmute an individual sensor.

If a sensor is muted, this is clearly indicated by the icon of a strike-through bell on the sensor tile. When a machine as a whole is muted, the same icon is shown on the machine list page for that machine. 


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