What is a notification?

Notifications are triggered when an event takes place.

There are several events that can generate a notification. A notification can be sent when:

  • a sensor value passes a certain threshold rule
  • a KPI value passes a certain KPI target
  • a Task is created. In this case also the "Task watchers" receive a notification
  • a user adds a comment or reply in the sensor or KPI timelines or conversations page.

View notifications

Notifications can be found in several places in the Insight app and are represented by the Notification_2.png icon.

On the machine overview page all notifications received can be found in the notification centre (1). On the machine tile you can see the number of notifications received for that machine (2).




When you click on the notification icon (1), all notifications are shown and you can click on a notification to go to the event to which it relates.




Notifications can also be found on the machine timeline, the comments and events timelines for Sensors and KPIs, and also the conversations page. If a comment or event has triggered a notification, this is marked with the Notification_2.pngicon (3).




Notifications when creating a comment 

It is possible to trigger a notification when making a comment or reply.




Click on the create comment button (4). When you have typed the comment, by default a notification is sent. If you do want to create the comment but do not want to send a notification, click on the notification icon (5). The icon will change into Notifictions_7.pngicon and no notification will be sent.


Mute notifications


Muting means that you no longer will receive notifications.  

You can choose for how long you want to mute notifications:

  • 1 hour
  • 8 hours
  • Always

You can also choose to still receive emergency notifications during the muted period.  

Muting and unmuting notifications can be done at different levels:

  • For a machine as a whole. In this case you mute all notifications related to a specific machine, whether triggered by machine events or user comments.




You can mute a machine as a whole on the machine overview page, by clicking on the dot_icon.pngicon (6) on the machine tile. Click on the the Mute icon (7). A new window will appear from which you can select the duration of the mute period.



  • For an individual sensor

You can mute notification from an individual sensor in the Comment and events timeline of this sensor.




Click on the notification icon (8) and select the mute option (9) from the menu. A new window will appear from which you can select the duration of the mute period.


  • For an individual KPI

You can mute notifications from an individual KPI in the Comment and events timeline of this KPI. Follow the same steps as mentioned for an individual sensor.



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