How do I connect streaming sensor data to my machine?

In order to connect sensor data from one or more systems, you need to communicate with the relevant APIs of innius and AWS Kinesis, and you also need to provide the correct credentials. For the credentials you use the machine API key. Go to the Machines page in the web administration application and select "Manage connection" in the submenu (three dots on the right side of the page) to generate this key, the Kinesis stream name, and the internal innius id for the machine:

Note: The key is displayed once only, so make sure you store it in a safe place.

When the connection is set up in the machine's back-end system and the machine connection is established, the status of the machine will change to 'Active'.

The following high-level flow is assumed:

  1. Connect the machine. This will return a set of connection properties to be used.
  2. Use the machine API key to obtain a temporary AWS credential.
  3. Connect to AWS Kinesis with the AWS credential.
  4. Retrieve data from the sensor.
  5. Convert the sensor data to a data record for innius.
  6. Post the data record to Kinesis using the Kinesis stream name and the Kinesis API.

We will provide an SDK with connection and streaming samples in due course.

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