What is a machine?


A machine is the nucleus of the innius system. It represents an industrial asset that is used in the production of goods or services. A machine in innius is characterized by three key elements: machine ID, description and the sensors. 

  • Machine ID:
    • A machine ID is always unique.
    • A machine is per definition associated only with your company.
  • Machine specifications:
    • Machine specifications can be used to describe any characteristic of a machine, for example output levels, compliance, or intended purpose to name.
    • Specification are grouped in collections. For example, all specifications regarding the electrical properties of a machine may be grouped under a collection called "Electrical." In innius insight for Android the specifications are shown as children of their collection. 
  • Parts of a machine: 
    • Each part must have a unique ID within your company. This can be done by adding an additional field(s), such as location, on the machine, BOM position / BOM ID, or other fields onto the item number.   
    • Parts can have a parent-child relationship to other parts on the machine.
    • A part can have part specifications. Just like machine specifications, these can be used to described any characteristic of a part. They are grouped in collections.
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