How to set up trusted companies

If you want to share machine data with another company, you should make that company a trusted company first. 

What is a trusted company?

innius is designed as a collaborative platform where you can share machine data not only with colleagues within your own company, but also with other companies.

In order to share machine data you must first establish a trusted company relationship. You can then determine for each machine with which trusted companies you want to share data. 

Creating a trusted company relationship is managed through an invitation process. While the process starts with an invitation from one company to another, upon confirmation the trusted relationship is established both ways. In other words, if you accept an invitation to share from another company, they cannot only share machine data with you but you can also share machine data with them.

Invitation process

To start the invitation process to make a compay a trusted company, go to the Admin app

open the side menu (1). 




Then select the option "Network" (2)




An overview page appears where you can manage the trusted companies for your organisation.




If you want to invite a new company to establish a trusted relation with press the button "Invite a company"(3).




You then enter the email address of a member of the company you want to add. The email you enter is only used to determine the company itself.  An invitation email is sent to the administrator of the invited company after clicking on the button "Invite".

Example; if you want to establish a trusted relation with company Acme, you can enter an email address of a member of that company, like The invitation mail (4) is automatically sent to the innius administrator at the Acme company, assuming the company already has an innius account.

Note: If the company does not yet have an innius account, the person you send the email will receive an invitation to join innius. Once the company has an innius account, the invitation to become a trusted company must be resent.



Meanwhile, in the inviting company, the status is set to "Awaiting". (5)




At the same time, the invitation email link takes the invited company administrator to their Network page, where the status is set to "Pending". They can then choose to accept (6) or reject (7) the invitation.



Upon accepting, the status is updated to "Active" in both the inviting as well as in the invited company.


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