How do I add collateral to a machine (direct)?

In order to load collateral from one or more systems, you need to communicate with the relevant APIs of innius, and you need to provide the correct credentials.

To retrieve the credentials and connection properties for your machine, go to the page "Machines" in the administration web application and select "Manage connection" from the drop-down menu. You get to the drop-down by clicking on the three dots on the right side of the page.

The API key is generated specifically for a machine on behalf of a particular company when you press button "Connect." It is displayed only once. Make sure you store it in a safe place.

In order to add collateral to a machine you need the following API:

Machine Collateral Service. The POST end-point is called to create or update the collateral in relation to a machine. Click for more technical details

Use this API to add one or more files to your machine. You can add any kind of file via this API.

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