Security groups and their security settings

innius has a number of predefined security groups. Each group is designed to serve a specific security role or profile. In the table below you see the available groups.

Note that:

  • When you create persons in innius, they become members of the group "App users" by default.
  • The "Shared-with-*"groups are created automatically when you create a trusted company relationship, one for each  relationship. These groups allow you to narrow the data that is shared with the company and per machine. See also the items listed as optional (0) in the table below table.
  • In the "Machine-specific security" security group you can narrow what its members can view for a specific machine. See also the items listed as optional (0) in the table below.

See more detail on how to specify restrictions per machine for a "Shared-with-*" group or the "Machine-specific security" group.

By making a person a member of multiple security groups he will receive the net results of those groups in terms of authorization. Get more information on the rules that apply.

  Administrators App users (include all users by default) Shared-with-* groups
Can log in X X  
View persons X X  
View list of machines X X  
View machine status X X  
When set up as an accepted/verified trusted relation X   X
View persons of own company X   X
View shared machine & full details X   X
Can view all details of all aspects of a machine X X  
Create & reply to conversations X X  
Receive notifications X X  
Can mute notifications X X  
Can view collateral X X  
Can update existing machines X   O
Manage connections X    
View demo machine X  X  
Manage demo machine X    
Can upload collateral X    
Can invite person X    
Can edit persons X    
Can de-/reactivate persons X    
Can invite company X    
Can view relations X  X  
Can remove relations X    
Can share machines X    
Can add/remove members of security groups X    

X = Enabled

X = Enabled inherited

O = Can be enabled

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