How do I upload demo data?

innius comes with a set of typical, standardized demo data. Using this data gives you an easy way to explore the capabilities of the system without the need to create or upload your own machine data. 

The demo data is uploaded to your own company and is not restricted in any way. To begin with, you may just run it as delivered and view its capabilities, but you can amend, edit, or delete parts of it as you like. 

To create a demo machine, go to the page "Machines" in the web administration application and press the button "Add demo machine." 

The system creates a new machine that is flagged as "Demo" to separate it from other machines that you may create later. 

The demo machine now exists as a unique machine in innius. In order to have the demo machine receive streaming data, you must connect it. Click the three bullets on the right side of the screen and choose "Manage connection" from the drop-down menu. 

The demo data is loaded using the Excel import capability, which can also  be used to make changes to a demo and actual machines. See more information on this feature. 

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