How to invite new users

In the Admin app you can give other people in your organisation access to innius by inviting them.



Go to the "menu selector" (1), and select from the menu the option "People" (2)




Now you get a list of existing users that can access innius. To invite a new person, click on the "Invite person" button (3).


Enter the email of the person you want to invite (4). The person should have the same email domain as that of the organization, because that is how innius uniquely identifies a company. For instance, if the organization "XYZ" is initially created with, then all users in that company must have "" as their email domain.

The invited person receives an email with a link to register login credentials in innius. After replying to a confirmation email, the new user is up and running in innius.

People belonging to other companies cannot be added. They can gain access to shared machines by setting up a trusted company relation first.

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