How do I work with machine tasks?

When a task is created manually in the Admin app or via a treshold rule, you will be notified via the Insight app that a task is created, and there you can manage the assigned task.




When a new taks arrives you will be notified by a "New task" (1) tile in the time line of the machine. By clicking on the task tile the task detail page is shown where you can manage the task. Also the number of "Task To Do" (2) increases. When a task is created by a treshold rule and the notification send is set to yes, the notification sent can be found in the top of the page (3).


When you want to manage the task, you can click on the "New task" (1) tile.



You can change the status of a taks by clicking on the dot_icon.pngicon in the Status changes tile. Select from the "Change status" (4) menu the status in which you want to put the task. For example, when you start with a task you cahnge the status into "In Progress". 

It is also possible to assign the task to another person in the team (5) or to chage the start and or end time (6).


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