How do I work with machine tasks?

You can work with tasks both in innius insight for Android and innius admin.

innius admin:

To view the machine tasks, click the 'Tasks' option in the machine menu. On the Task page, you can change the view to 'Triggered tasks', this will display the list of tasks associated with that machine:

By default the list is sorted based upon the scheduled end date & time. You can sort based on the other columns by clicking on the column title.

From the menu of a triggered task, you can perform a status update directly, delete it or edit the triggered task details including assignee, duration and time:

In the edit mode, you can also see the history of the task so far:


innius insight for Android:

In innius insight for Android you can see all the tasks assigned to you on one page and another view to see the tasks associated with a particular machine.

To view the tasks assigned to you, click on 'My tasks' in the side-navigation or on the home page:

Then you'll see the tasks which are assigned to you. The tasks can be filtered by status and/or machine:

Or go to the machine page and use the swipe-menu at the bottom of the screen to select 'Tasks':

By clicking on a task, you can see the details of it and change the status (by clicking on the three dots near the status field), or add a message in the conversation:


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