How are Rules used?

Rules are used to notify users and/or to trigger a task.

When you add a sensor, you have the option to create a rule for this sensor by clicking on  the dot_icon.png(1) in the Rules tile. There are two types of rules, threshold and forecast rules. Select  click on "Add Threshold rule" (2) to create a threshold rule.




Threshold rules allow innius to define sensor data which is in a cautionary or emergency state and trigger notifications to users. You can refer to the articles on notifications for more information. Besides this, a rule can also create a task based on a task template (See articles on machine tasks for more information). You can setup as many rules per sensor as you need.



When setting up a rule, the first thing to do is to select one of the ten different conditions available.

Next, the values themselves need to be defined. This can be done in one of two ways: either by defining a value or by selecting another sensor. If you select a sensor, you use values generated by that sensor to create a variable threshold.

Tip: When using values to define rules, use the same number of decimal places as defined in the sensor definition.

You then need to set up how rules will be triggered. There are three options. 'Directly' will trigger the rule as soon as the sensor generates a value which meets the defined condition. 'Duration (in seconds)' will trigger the rule after a sensor generates values meeting the defined condition consecutively for a given number of seconds. 'Counter (consecutive)' will trigger the rule after a sensor consecutively generates values meeting the defined condition for a given number of occurrences.

You can choose to generate a task when the condition set for the threshold has been reached. You can select the task template from which the tasks will be generated.

You can set the sensor status when the threshold is reached to no-status, cautionary or emergency.

A notification will be sent to mobile devices when this option has been selected. 

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