How do I setup a machine task template?

A task is generated from a template, a task template. A task template can be created in the Admin App, by clicking on the "Add taks template" (1). This button will become available by clicking on the dot_icon.pngicon in the Task tile.



When the "Add task template" (1) button is clicked, the task template can be created.




For a task template the following information can be defined:

  1. Title of the task; how it appears in the list of tasks for individual users and on a machine.
  2. Task Type; can be used to indicate & group the type of tasks.
  3. Description; give a full description of the task.
  4. Default assignee; to who the task should be assigned by default. The task can always be re-assigned to another person when needed.
  5. Select the watchers; this can be done by selecting the people within your own company who need to be notified.
  6. Default duration; The amount of time approximately needed to perform the task.

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