How do I setup a machine task template?

First of all you need to set up machine task templates. The task templates can be created in the Web app only. To do this, click the 'Tasks' option in the machine menu:

On the machine Tasks page, you'll arrive on the Task template view. Here you can add a Task template by clicking the button 'Add template':

For a template the following information can be defined:

  1. Title of the task; how it appears in the list of tasks for individual users and on a machine.
  2. Type; can be used to indicate & group the type of tasks.
  3. Description; give a full description of the task.
  4. Default assignee; to who the task should be assigned by default. The task can always be re-assigned to another person when needed.
  5. Default duration; The amount of time approximately needed to perform the task.
  6. Select the watchers; this can be done via the button 'add/remove watchers', to select the people within your own company who need to be notified.

You can also refer to the articles 'How do I trigger a machine task manually?' and 'How do I work with machine tasks?'

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