Analysis reports

For each machine there is a section called 'Reporting', which can be found in the machine menu:

There are 2 standard reports available currently, which can be viewed via the dropdown menu in left top corner:

Each report can be viewed in a certain period (last day, last week, last month & Custom period), and printed if necessary.

1. Sensor Comparison report

With the Sensor comparison report you can easily compare data of different sensors. Like for example to see the energy consumption per recipe or machine status. You can add one base sensor like the recipe, and add as many other sensors with the data to see the differences:


2. OEE Report

The OEE report gives an overview of the Total OEE for the selected period, OEE values per shift and an overview of the changes compared to the previous period.
For the graph you can easily disable/enable the different lines by clicking on the value in the legend below the graph.

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