How do I configure the KPI: Energy Efficiency?

From the KPI panel on the machine page, click on the menu option ‘Configuration’ for Energy Efficiency. You will then be taken to the configuration page. Here you need to select an appropriate sensors to provide input data for the formula:

EE = Energy consumption / Actual machine rate


  1. Actual machine rate: This sensor needs to provide the actual machine rate, so for instance the number of products produced per minute.

  2. Energy consumption rate: This sensor needs to be supplying data on the energy consumption of your machine in kWh.

  3. The targets panel within the KPI configuration page allows you to set up cautionary and emergency targets. You will then receive a daily notification if the KPI value for the previous 24 hours falls below a target. It works in a very similar way to the threshold function in the sensor settings.

Once this is done, you have enough to click save, upon which your KPI will become active.


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