How do I create my machine?

To create a machine within innius, you need to use the innius Admin app.




On the home screen click on the button 'Add machine' (1) in the top right. This opens the page 'Creating a new machine', with which two methods of creating a machine are available, Basic (when using an eWON) and Auto discovery (when using OPC UA).

Basic machine creation

The basic machine creation simply requires filling in the Machine name and Description and clicking the 'Save' button.


The 'machine name' is what will be displayed throughout the innius apps, so it is best to keep this as short and unique as possible. The 'machine description' can be used to provide more detail, perhaps a reference name or number which is used within your company, but isn't appropriate as a display ID in the applications. With the basic creation method, other machine information regarding sensors, documents, shifts, KPIs and location can be added as and when is appropriate.


Auto discovery machine creation

The other way to create a machine, is using the auto discovery method. For this method you need to create the discovery file first. This is available for all connectors. For the OPC UA connector, you need to download the tagbrowser from the downloads page in the innius Admin app.


In the auto discovery method a wizard will guide you in creating the machine, based on the discovery file.

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