Shift Configuration

Shifts are an important part of efficiently operating machinery. Configuring your shifts in innius will allow you to view data in relation to your shifts, namely sensor data and the KPI, Overall Equipment Effectiveness. The relevance and value of your data is therefore increased.

To configure your shift schedule in innius, first select a machine and choose ‘Shift Configuration’ from the menu options. This opens the shift configuration page.

To start configuring a new shift, click the ‘Add shift’ button. Then give your shift a name, such as ‘Early shift’, in the field ‘Shift ID’.

With the ‘input’ drop down menu, the shift can be configured either based on input from a sensor, or manual input by setting the days of the week and the times.

If you choose to configure your shift based on a sensor, then you need to choose a sensor associated with this machine, and also the value it will generate to indicate this particular shift. In this way, a sensor can be used to tell innius which shift is currently at work.

If you choose to configure your shift manually it will display the days of the week. You can then set the weekly schedule for that shift, by selecting the days of the week upon which it starts and then the associated start time, and finish time.

You can continue to add more shifts, once you’ve configured one. The shifts are displayed in an accordion style display, which simply shows the shift name, unless you open it. To remove a shift, open it and click the ‘Remove shift’.

Once you’ve finished making your changes click on the ‘Save’ button in the bottom right of the screen.

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