How do I set up a demo machine?

If connecting a physical machine directly to innius isn't an option, it is possible to instead create a demo machine whilst you explore the capabilities of the innius platform. This is how to do it:

Create a new machine by clicking the button 'Add machine' (1) on the Machines page in innius Admin App.



Then the following screen will open. When you enable the checkbox 'Create a demo machine' (2), the machine will be added as a demo machine.




After this the machine is added to the list of machines and indicated by the 'demo' (3) sign.



Then you're able to create sensors on the demo machine. Information about how to create sensors can be found here.

When the setup of sensors is completed, you need to add demo data to simulate sensor values. This can be done by clicking on  'Setup demo data' (4) button. This button can be reached by clicking on the dot_icon.pngicon on the "Demo data" tile. 



 A new screen appear where you can enter the demo sensor values (5).



After saving the setup, a new machine menu option will become available, 'Start demo data' (6).



When clicking this, the machine will start with producing sensor data according the setup of the demo data and the frequency configured for each sensor. Also the icon in the list of machines will change to 'Running demo'. You can stop it if you want to, via the option 'Stop demo data'. Otherwise it will stop automatically after 24 hours. You can restart it whenever you want.

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