Monitoring KPIs

Once KPIs have been configured in the Admin app, they will start to produce values. The KPI values can be viewed in both the innius Insight app and the innius Dashboard app.

In the innius Insight app

To view KPI data in the innius Insight app, choose the relevant machine for which you want to see the KPIs.




In the tile "Insight" you can immediately see how many KPIs are in Emergency, Normal or Cautionary mode. Clicking the Insight tile (1) takes you to the Insight page.



The Insight page gives you an overview of the KPI values, their statuses, and whether they are trending up or trending down. By clicking on a KPI tile (2) you open that KPI details page.




Moving the mouse over data points on the graph, will display the KPI value at that given point. With the time selection you can choose the period for which the KPI graph and tables will be shown must be shown. If shifts have been configured these can be selected and displayed on the graph. The shifts are then displayed in various colored blocks on the graph, with the shift name at the top of each.

If a KPI crosses a certain threshold, you will be notified by a message on the time line of the KPI and you will receive a browser notification on desktop or device notification on mobile.


In the innius Dashboard app

In the innius Dashboard app you can configure and view dashboards. Via dashboards you can present KPI data in all kind of forms. An example of an OEE dashboard is given in the picture below.




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