Viewing sensor data

Sensor data can be viewed in the innius insight app.


To view sensor data in innius Insight, choose the relevant machine and click on the machine tile (1).




This will open the machine page. This provides an overview in a one place of the machine's status. When you click on the Insight tile (2),  the machine Insight page will open to provide insight into the sensor data, KPI data and statuses of assigned tasks.




The sensors will be displayed per sensor group, as defined in the innius Admin app. The sensors can be sorted alphabetical or based on their status (3). Besides that the search option can also be used to find a specific item (4). The icons in the tiles (5) show the number of sensors in the sensor group with a normal, cautionary or emergency status.

In the sensor tile (6), you will find the current sensor value and the timestamp corresponding to when that value was received. 




Clicking on the sensor tile (6) takes you to the sensor details page.




The sensor data can be viewed in 6 predefined periods or the custom period (8).

The data is aggregated depending on which period is selected, and this is displayed in the left top corner of the graph (7).

The data aggregation per period is as follows:

  • for Hour: raw data
  • for Six hours: raw data
  • for Day: per minute
  • for Week: per hour
  • for Month: per day
  • for Year: per day
  • when the custom period is greater than a year: per month

If threshold rules have been configured, these will be shown as a coloured line in the graph. Moving the mouse over a data point on the graph, will display a table of values for that data point.

Each graph has an options section (9) where you can modify the view. For example whether you want to see the thresholds on the graph or display shifts.

The sensor has a time line, on which comments and events related to the sensor are posted (10).


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