Managing locations

You can give your machine a location, to view it on a map or to track the location history of a machine. 

Giving you machine a location is done in the Admin app by selecting the machine from your machine overview and clicking the Location panel.



A pop-up screen will appear.





Here you can enter the location of your machine, either by filling in the address, coordinates or by dragging the map marker.




When the location is saved, the machine will show up on the "map view" (1) in both the Admin and Insight apps.

When a machine is moved to another location, a new location can be entered in the Admin app. It is also possible to send a new location to innius via an integration. 




When a machine has multiple locations, you can get an overview of the location history in the Insight app, by selection the Location history report.

It is also possible to get directions to the machine in the Insight app.




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