Managing locations

New locations can be assigned both within innius insight for Android and innius admin.

Within innius insight for Android:

First go to the machine’s page and click on the menu option “Manage location” in the top right corner. This will open a map view. There are two ways of adding a new location here. First, when you scroll and zoom, a machine icon appears which can be moved to the desired location. Then, when that icon is in place, you can click on the "Add location" button at the bottom of the page. While you do this, the existing location, if there is one, will be shown for reference. The second method allows you to add the machine to your own current location; it requires having the location settings on your mobile phone turned on. You then click first on the "My location" icon in the top right of the map and then on “Add location” at the bottom of the screen.

Within innius admin:

From the machine list or map, click “Manage location” in a machine’s menu. A dialog box appears. The top row gives the GPS coordinates of any previous location.

In the bottom line, either an address or GPS coordinates can be typed in. On the right of this there is a "My location" icon. Clicking this allows you to automatically add your current location as a GPS coordinate. Save the change by clicking the “Save location” button.

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